Saturday, 16 May 2009

Vinyl Revival: The Stairs and Asphalt Ribbons

Found a "great lost album" I'd never listened to: Mexican R 'n' B by The Stairs, which sounds like early Stones and late 60s West Coast psychedelia - right up there with The Las in terms of "how didn't they make it?" There are some great Stairs clips on YouTube, including the single Weed Bus:

I've got a couple of their 12"s as well, so I might pick up the missing one... which isn't why supposed to be I'm doing this. Happily I've identified 44 12" singles I don't need...

...although two of them are Asphalt Ribbons' album Old Horse, so might have to make that 42 (one's a white label). This is the least rare - and therefore valuable - of all their output which also included three 12" EPs before they became Tindersticks. I never made it along to the gig listed on the accompanying bumf as I wasn't all that impressed. Live and learn...

Maybe that's why I never made it in the music biz.

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