Friday, 3 April 2009

Vinyl Revival: Seven Singles Deep by Icicle Works

Maybe I should've kept my mouth shut about my new turntable and USB phono stage. After mentioning it at the pub last night, I received my first request: "Do you have that Icicle Works compilation with all the 12" versions on it?"

It so happens I do and I proudly recalled listening to it only last week. Net result: agreement to produce a digital copies for my turntable-less friends.

The Icicle Works are one of my favourite bands and this album collects the extended versions of their singles, from their biggest hit "Love Is A Wonderful Colour" through the singles off their first two albums, to my personal favourite "When It All Comes Down".

I only saw the group perform twice - at The Marquee, Wardour Street and Camden Palace - but they were fantastic both times and Chris Sharrock remains one of my favourite drummers. He plays for Robbie Williams these days, but I did manage to see him play with both The Las and The Lightning Seeds in the intervening years.

As for the digital copy, the capture was straightforward and my friends were most appreciative.

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