Friday, 7 August 2009

Vinyl Revival: Six O'Clock Shuffle (1986) and I Said That I Loved You (1989)

Psychedelic acid trash metal group The Acolytes played regularly in and around London from 1987-1991, crossing paths with many interesting groups along the way.

One on occasion at the Fulham Greyhound, they shared the stage with The Wigs, who also coincidentally included a cover of Love's "Seven And Seven Is" in their set.

My mate Kev delighted us with the information that the band were previously known as The Obvious Wigs and had marked the change of name by releasing an album named "The End Of The Obvious".

Though I never tracked down a copy of the album myself, I did locate a copy of their "Six O'Clock Shuffle" 12", as well as buying the "I Said That I Loved You" 7" at the aforementioned gig.

Listening back to them, they sound as exciting as ever - a great example of a band who could capture their live sound on vinyl.

"Six O'Clock Shuffle" 12"
"I Said That I Loved You" 7"


Jeronyme said...

Exciting indeed! Both are brilliant! Thanks for sharing these goodies, it is much appreciated!


Bop-A-Saurus said...

Both 12" and 7" files seem to be gone. Could you upload them again? I have the 12" on vinyl but wouldn't mind having it as mp3, too. I had no clue the Wigs had a 7" out untill NOW so I'd love to listen to that one. What label is it on? Cheers and best regards from Finland.

Michael said...

It's a bit of a revelation that people out there not only remember the Wigs but have copies of our records. Very few were ever pressed so good to know there is at least one copy in Finland. Did you ever see the band live? I've recently got back in touch with our drummer through these blogs and we are looking at putting together a CD. That's someway off but I have all the recordings and can convert things. Also I have about 50 or so copies of the 7" in my garage - quite apt really.

DragoRossi UK said...

Hi to Richard Hare or Flare... We were in touch a long time ago. I was (am) a fan of the Acolytes and you used to have some rather low quality MP3's on a site with their name but it dissapeared. WOuld be great to know if their stuff is still available anywhere!