Thursday, 20 March 2008

Never Another Sunset by Rose Of Avalanche

I remember seeing Rose Of Avalanche touring this album with Claytown Troupe at ULU. They were all leather jackets, sunglasses and fake American accents. The first track, "What's Going Down" wasn't bad, the rest not as good.

We had a band called The Raw Bloodthirsty Energy Dogs which sounded a lot like the early, "L.A. Rain"-era Rose of Avalance, though my bass-playing was deemed superfluous to requirements during the summer holidays. They also ditched the cover of "She Sells Sanctuary" and became The Acolytes.

I also have the album "String A Beads" - both were freebies from my plugging years. I don't like my chances of getting shot of that.

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S K said...

Do you have the full album for Never Another Sunset? If so, would you consider making a copy on CD if I paid you? This would be a great, great gift for my husband!! Thanks!