Thursday, 21 February 2008

World Clique by Deee-Lite

"Groove Is In The Heart" is one tune which is guaranteed to get me on the dancefloor. Kiss FM played it to death in the summer of 1990, just as I started working for pluggers International Radio Promotions in Notting Hill.

The following year I caught Deee-Lite at the Tourhout Festival in Belgium. Having obtained a backstage pass, I managed to blag my way into the press pit and got some great shots of Lady Miss Kier. Hmmm... I just realised who Lily Allen reminds me of!

Unfortunately, this is a bit of a one-song album - something I'm starting to notice and beginning to rail against. How many other Deee-Lite tunes do I need? Exactly.

Au revoir.

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