Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Transient Random Noise Outbursts With Announcements by Stereolab

Some people write about music they don't like as if it's a fault of the artist: "I never really got such and such."

I am perfectly willing to accept the problem is mine. Such is the case with Stereolab and the album Transient Random Noise Outbursts With Announcements.

I buy too much music "just to hear" it. Having heard it, it sits on my shelf, never to be revisited. Occasionally I may pull it down, stick it on and get through a few songs before switching to something I enjoy more. This is a pity, because Stereolab are great, they're everything a cult act should be and they have made great albums, of which this is one.

I didn't give up on Stereolab. I listen when their music is played on the radio. I went to see them at Islington Academy around the time of "Margarine Eclipse"'s release. They were good! This album is good!

I just don't like it that much...

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